Honey is a health food created by God for human consumption since we existed in this world. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Ayurveda and Yunani Medicine, etc. honey is used to heal many diseases. Honey can be consume from childhood to old age.

For Muslim, honey is consumed by Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. and in the Al-Quran Allah tells us that honey is good for health and also for healing of chronic diseases. In the Al-Quran in surah An-Nahl that tells us about honey bees. In verse 69, God tells us “and feed on every kind of fruit and follow the smooth ways of your Rabb. From its belly comes forth a syrup of different colors, which contains a healing for mankind. Certainly in this there is a sign for those who think”.

The bee’s species not only give us honey but it is the most important insect for pollination of all flowers, fruits, all plant based food, etc. Bees is the most important pollination agent for 70% of our plant based food source for human consumption. If the bees species become extinct, we the human being also will die of starvation and will be the end of human civilization on earth.

In the last 30 years, there is the mass extinction of many animal and insect species especially the bees. This is the result of human greed that is destroying the global natural environment and ecology. We are destroying the world by using poisonous chemical for our food crop production which result in the destruction of the bee colonies. We also destroying our forest as a result the global temperature is rising resulting in the sixth mass extinction of all species in the world. If this continue destructive life style, we will face starvation and in the end the 21st human civilization will become extinct.

We must be among those who have the sense of responsibility to make this world good by saving the ecology of the world and help the bees survive. We have to ensure the biodiversity of all species are kept in balance. God has created this world as a beautiful garden of heaven on earth. We must maintain the ecological balance for us to make the world beautiful and bountiful for all God’s creatures.

It is this vision in mind that we setup KOMADU (Konsortium Agrofarm Lebah Madu Malaysia). The future of human civilization is to move towards holistic permaculture living.  KOMADU effort by increasing the honey bee population in Malaysia is the first step towards sustainable and ethical living. In the process, we also will be able to get bountiful honey for us to consume and sell throughout the world. Insha’Allah

KOMADU will setup bee farms at Orang Asli settlements and train them as Beekeepers and Bee Products Entrepreneurs. We will also setup our bee farms at suitable location in 2000 Tahfiz Schools throughout Malaysia. Graduate from these Tahfiz Schools can also be train to become Beekeepers.

Our future project for KOMADU is to develop a holistic permaculture community that is living in harmony with nature. This is based on permaculture tropical food forest system with housing community for retirees on 500 acres of land, Insha’Allah.