Honey Bee Agro farm Consortium of Malaysia (KOMADU) will be a one stop centre for:

1. To breed and process honey from Apis Mellisfera bees and also from native stingless bee Trigona species (Itama and Thorasica) at our agro tourism project throughout Malaysia.

2. To sell honey as well as honey by-products like bee pollen, propolis and also health and beauty products such as beauty care, health care, etc. from our honey production at our agrofarms. This is for sale for local and international market

3. We also can develop honey-based health drinks and energy drinks in small bottle to be sold via vending machine. This machine can be placed in factories, canteen, supermarket, petrol station, etc.

4. To ensure high quality of our honey and honey by-products. We will have our own sophisticated laboratory using HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) that can ensure the quality, enzyme level, moisture level and other parameters of our honey is of the highest standard. Our lab test can give true result within 3 minutes. This is to ensure we only sell real honey and not artificial honey made of syrup and coloring. More than 90% of the product label as honey sold in the market are fake man made honey from sugar and syrup.

5. We will expand our online business to export under our brand throughout the world. The market that we are targeting include China, Japan, Europe, America and other countries. All sale will be through our online portal.

6. Insha’Allah with this local and international sales online we can achieve a sales target of RM10.0 Million a month.

7. Those interested in being part of this consortium can contact us for more info.