KOMADU: Konsortium Madu Lebah Malaysia is a Non-Profit Social Enterprise to save our bee population in Malaysia as well as support the Orang Asli Community, 2000 Tahfiz schools and help raise funds for Khalifah Education Foundation Islamic Secondary School Building Fund. 

Due to climate change, 70% of all insects including our native bees are facing mass extinction. We have to breed bees to help increase the bee population so that food and fruit production increases. Bees are the main pollinator of increasing food and fruit production. Insha’Allah we also can generate lucrative income from harvesting bee products like honey, beebread, royal jelly, bee wax, and many other bee products. 

More than 90% of honey sold in Malaysia is fake. This fake honey uses sugar fructose mixed with chemical flavorings. KOMADU will work with ethical Beekeepers under a consortium to produce real honey from Native Bees, Madu Kelulut, and Apis Mellifera.

Real honey from native bees and Apis Mellifera have high antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and other beneficial probiotics. It is good to treat all chronic diseases and also useful as preventives measure against COVID.

1. We have our land and all facilities which are valued at RM20 million. Which can use these land banks to breed Native Bees, Madu Kelulut, and Apis Mellifera. We also have other 20 Beekeepers with their own land bank that is interested in supplying real honey to KOMADU.

We are now selling our real honey Madu Kelulut and Madu Apis Mellifera under our KOMADU: Urban Ecolife Agrofarm brand. You can visit our bee farm as well as other bee farms that are members of KOMADU.

Joint venture model: 3-year ownership of 1 beehive at RM3k per pax for the joint venture. (Honey beehives normally lasts for 3 years).  

We have 300 units of beehives for Joint ventures currently. In a long term, we are opening our KOMADU bee farm with ethical beekeepers throughout Malaysia. Insha’Allah we will have more than 2000 beehives within 2 years.

Return to the Provider of capital at 8% – 15% Islamic Mudarabah & Musharakah joint venture.

Insha’Allah return of RM3K + 8%, i.e. RM240. Payment at the end of the first year, second year, and third year. Final third-year full return of capital i.e. RM3720.

Insha’Allah bonus of additional 7% RM210 when business achieves target turnover and ROI meet the target. Additional target at the end of the first year, second year, and third year.

Total payment RM3K + RM720 + RM630 = RM4350 at the end of third year.

For those interested to donate to our KOMADU Project, they can get our Madu Kelulut or Madu Apis Melliefera at a 20% discount. They will be given the value of honey equivalent to RM4,350 + 20% discount over 3 years. Insha’Allah.

Mudarabah & Musharakah agreement is valid for 3 years. Renewal of agreement on a 3-year basis based on mutual agreement.

KOMADU will also be a non-profit social enterprise to help raise funds for Orang Asli communities and also for funding Aquaponics Systems to 2000 Tahfiz schools in Malaysia and also funds for Khalifah Education Foundation Secondary Tahfiz Schools in Salak Tinggi, Selangor. For details of our KOMADU Social Enterprise, visit the website: urbanecolifeagrofarm.com. Go to our KOMADU section.